case study 1: headcount review results


One of epic’s core services is conducting headcount reviews, primarily for paid and volunteer workforce.  Using a well-tested methodology (that epic has been evolving since 1993) which is now widely considered an industry ‘best practice’, epic first determines a headcount range suitable to meet operational and service level requirements.  Then, through a thorough, but efficient 3-step process, epic continues to find efficiencies and resource gaps & overlaps to ensure headcount plans are optimized… typically, with significant reductions (see below) from original projections.


Significant cost savings have been realized as a direct result of these reviews for various events since 1993.  To help illustrate the value of the services epic can provide, the table below summarizes the results of several previous Volunteer headcount reviews


(note...savings from confidential paid staff reviews have been even greater):

case study 2: usage analytics


To assist organizers in reducing guesswork, planning more accurately and saving money, epic captures and measures actual usage of a variety of cost-driving resources, such as parking, seating, media facilities, equipment, space and workforce.  It is one thing for future organizers to understand what a prior event/Games planned, but to understand what was used enables them to simplify operations, improve the client experience and significantly reduce costs.


Following are examples of sporting event usage analytics developed by epic: