primary services offered


Event Analytics: Actual Resource Usage & Context Capture, Analysis & Reporting

¨ Innovative process to surface what resources organizers USE for sporting events

¨ Collate, compile, analyze and consolidate complex data & context into simple summaries

¨ Analytics for seating, parking, space, equipment, workforce & more

¨ Utilization strategies to benefit future Events/Games

¨ Create or refine Technical Manuals, based on findings


Resource Projections

¨ Develop and customize resource projecting tools & models

¨ Historical perspective, ‘event logic’, practical advice

¨ Reality-check/test myriad assumptions, gap/overlap analysis

¨ Vehicles, space, volunteers, workstations, radios & much more


Customized Event/Games Planning Models

¨ Innovative, customized Games planning models = enormous efficiencies

¨ Anti-silo strategies, simplified organizational design, foundation-first planning


Strategic and Operational Planning

¨ Strategic planning and auditing (all Functional Areas)

¨ Operational plan development & auditing (all Functional Areas)

¨ Command Center (aka Main Operations Center or MOC) planning & implementation, including crisis and communications planning, external entity integration and issue tracking systems

¨ Risk assessment & mitigation

¨ Contingency planning development & integration

¨ Risk, contingency plan, MOC, operational plans, testing/exercising, issue management and delivery partner integrated operational model

¨ Operational readiness exercises: tabletops, simulations, rehearsals, walkthroughs

¨ Venue and Functional Area Operational Readiness reviews


  Workforce Planning & Integration

¨ Organizational design/structure development and refinement

¨ Paid, volunteer & contractor headcount planning and auditing

¨ Workforce operations plan and timeline development

¨ Redeployment, end date and budget analysis

¨ Entitlement (e.g. meals, uniforms, transport, etc.) planning & projections

¨ Workforce Integration activity timeline planning (Workforce Planning, Uniforms, Accreditation, HR, Volunteers, Training and Rostering